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What Material Is More Suitable For Hangers In The Wardrobe

Update:30 Dec

    Metal stainless steel clothes hangers are the same as plastic hangers. They are light in weight and can be used both dry and wet. The load-bearing capacity of metal hangers is better than that of plastic hangers. However, the shoulder width is generally narrower and more likely to cause deformation of clothes. It is not suitable for hanging clothes in the closet.

    Solid wood hangers are strong and wear-resistant and have strong load-bearing capacity. Even if you hang winter clothes, you don’t have to worry about deformation. They are suitable for use in solid wood wardrobes. However, the price of solid wood hangers is not low, but their service life is relatively long.

    Plastic hangers are light in the material, affordable, and can be used both wet and dry. They are the choice of many families to dry clothes. However, plastic hangers have the poor load-bearing capacity and are not suitable for hanging heavy clothes.

    Acrylic hangers are more load-bearing than plastic hangers, and the price is lower than solid wood hangers. At the same time, they are popular in color and are a good hanger. However, acrylic hangers are prone to irreversible scratches that affect their appearance.